Why You Should Turn to a Temporary Staffing Agency for Workers

If you own a business and have found yourself in need of some extra employees, you might want to consider going through a temporary staffing agency. Going through an employment agency instead of finding new employees on your own can be extremely beneficial for numerous reasons. To understand a little better, continue reading.

They Have Access To A Lot Of Resumes

A lot of the temporary staffing agencies will have a stack of resumes or applications from people looking for work. They can usually find a new worker for your business with very little notice.

They Can Do The Drug Testing For You

Instead of worrying about having to arrange for applicants to go take a drug test somewhere and then wait for their results, you can just let the staffing agency take care of it for you. A lot of the temporary staffing agencies can actually conduct certain types of drug testing right there in their office and will have immediate results. Many agencies use a mouth swab or simple urine test to determine if the individual has any illegal substances in their system. If you reside in a state that has a medical marijuana program, it is up to you whether you want to allow a positive result slide. This is going to be the case until marijuana is legal on the Federal level.

They Can Reassign Someone Instead Of You Firing Them

A major benefit of finding new workers through a temporary staffing agency is that if you do not like the way they work or they simply aren't working out for whatever reason, you can request that the staffing agency find another company for that employee to report to. You do not have to fire them yourself, which helps eliminate the need to pay out unemployment benefits, as they are technically an employee of the agency you contacted and not of your company. Should you find a high-quality worker and it seems as though they are there for the long haul, you can offer them a position with your company and they would then no longer work for the staffing agency.

As you can see, there are some fantastic reasons to reach out to a temporary staffing agency to find the extra help you need at your business. There might be a few in your area so you can check out all of them to see who you want to hire.