Display Framed Artwork In Your Home

If you are new to collecting artwork, you may not have the skill set necessary to choose where to display art and to properly secure each wall hanging. A picture hanging service can be used to create an art gallery-style wall or to secure individualized pieces of artwork along multiple walls.


A picture hanging service can be used to secure framed photography, paintings, and matte designs along interior walls. Before a service is sought, you will need to decide which pieces of artwork you would like to display. You will also need to choose a framing technique. You have the option of solely displaying art in your home or choosing to mix artwork with photographs.

If you utilize a professional framing service to prepare all of the items in your collection, the frames, matte materials, and picture-hanging hardware may be included in the fee that you are charged for the framing service. Some art installation services may feature both a framing service and an installation service. A business that prepares display pieces from beginning to end can recommend various framing products and techniques that will complement each item in your collection that you would like to display on a wall.

Hanging Requirements

Before framed pieces are displayed in your home, you and a consultant should assess the interior walls and discuss various layouts that may be of interest. The number of pieces that you will be displaying may influence how the items are arranged. If you own an extensive collection of artwork, for instance, you may be guided in choosing multiple walls to display your collection. A service provider may recommend that you group specific pieces together, based on the colors they feature or the themes that they represent.

If you own a small collection that you will be building upon in the future, you may ultimately decide to have the pieces hung in a central room or your home office. A picture-hanging service provider will consider natural and artificial light that the photographs or artwork may come into contact with.

They may also consider your line of vision and the layout of a particular room where the framed pieces will be displayed. The main objective of a professional installer is to ensure that the framed items can be enjoyed by the owner of them. A service provider will align each framed item and will carefully secure it on the wall you select.

For more information on picture-hanging services, contact a professional near you.