The Top Reasons To Choose A Multifunction Office Copier For Your Small Business

Should you buy your small business a multifunction office copier? You aren't a mega-corporation and you don't have offices around the globe. But the one office that you do have needs a printer that does more than just spit out black and white copies. If you're in the market for a new copier, take a look at what you need to know about multifunction models.

Less Training Time

As the name implies, a multifunction copier has multiple functions. This means it does more than just copy. Depending on the model, it can also print, scan, or produce photos. Some multifunction models can also fax (if this is something your company still needs), store documents online, and email documents. 

The ability to bundle multiple functions into one device means your staff won't need to learn how to use separate printing, copying, and other similar electronic appliances. This can reduce the overall training time necessary. With less time needed to train your staff (or learn about the copier yourself), your office can get back to work.

Save Office Space

Your small business has an equally small office space. Without the square footage to hold a copier, printer, photo printer, fax machine, and scanner, you need a device that can handle multiple tasks. A multifunction copier eliminates the need for extra desks, storage shelves, or tables and can help you to save valuable office space. 

Keep Cords Under Control

Electronic devices (such as scanners and printers), tables, desks, and copier stands aren't the only office items that will take up space. The cords needed to use multiple devices could also add to your small office's clutter and make it difficult to maneuver around the space easily. If your employees can't find an open outlet and constantly trip over cords, you won't want to add two, three, four, or more extra devices to the mix. A multifunction option operates using one cord and one outlet.

Choose Your Functions

Do you need to invest in a multifunction printer or copier that has every available function? The answer to this question depends on your business and its printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and document storage needs. 

The decision to select a multifunction model with every option also depends on your budget. If you have a smaller business budget, you can save money and choose a multifunction office copier/printer. But if you have more money to spend right now, consider a copier that rolls all of your document solutions into one.