Use A Bail Bond Services Provider Instead Of Using Your Own Assets To Get A Loved One Out Of Jail

If a loved one gets arrested and you have assets, you might want to use what have or own to get them out of jail if possible. When individuals are given bail, they have several options for posting it. Forms of posting it are cash, property, or a bail bond. Judges set bail amounts and can use a number of factors to decide on an amount. The purpose of bail is to allow individuals to get out of jail and improve the likelihood that they will appear in court. 

You should be cautious of using your assets and property to get anyone out of jail. The decision to tell them no might be more than you can bear. You can choose to protect your interests and help your loved one by seeking bail bonds services. The following points identify why they are an ideal solution for getting individuals out of jail. 

Potential for Faster Release

There is work behind the scenes in a jail that has to get done before individuals are released. Paperwork has to get filled out, and it can be time-consuming for someone who has never had to bond someone out of jail. It is also possible that the jail might need documents that you do not have or forget to bring with you. Going to retrieve items means more time in jail for your loved one. Bail bonds agents are familiar with the paperwork that needs to get completed. They can explain it and will likely be able to fill it out faster than you.

If you plan to use money that you have in a financial institution, there might be delays. Some banks require their customer to make large withdrawals in person. This could result in a delayed release if the arrest occurs after hours or over the weekend. 

Avoid Costly Consequences 

Some bank financial products such as retirement accounts and CDs have penalties for early withdrawals. If your plans are to use these types of resources to get your loved one out of jail, you might incur fees or lose any interest that the accounts have accrued. Other fees that you might have to pay are transfer fees to get money from one account to another. Gathering the money from several accounts or sources might also mean that you have several transaction fees.

Protect Yourself 

Certain charges garner public scrutiny even though a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. You can protect your name and reputation by choosing to use bail bonds services. Your name will not appear in court documents for the bail bond. The bail bond company's name will. If you use your own resources, it might be on the public record and available to anyone seeking information about you or the defendant.

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