Top Ways To Use Custom Circle Stickers On Your Horse Farm

If you run a horse farm, you might have ordered custom paper products and printed products in the past. You might have never ordered custom stickers, however. Custom circle stickers can be ordered in different sizes, colors, patterns, and more, and you can order them with or without printed words or numbers on them. Placing an order with a company that makes and sells these stickers can actually be a good idea when you run a horse farm since you might find that you can use these stickers in more ways than you think. A few ideas for making use of these stickers are listed here.

Labeling Medications and Supplements

Whether you have your own horses on your farm or if you board and care for other people's horses, you might be used to keeping medications, supplements, and more on hand. After all, each horse that is in your care might have different needs, so you might have to keep a variety of products on hand so that you can care for each horse properly. Being able to keep track of which supplement is which and which medication is which can be a bit challenging without proper labeling, but custom circle stickers or other custom stickers can easily be used for this purpose. This makes it easier for you to provide the best possible care for the horses on your farm, and it can help you prevent potentially dangerous accidents and mistakes, such as accidentally giving a horse the wrong medication.

Assigning Rider Numbers or Competitor Numbers During Shows

If you host horse shows, rodeos, or other events on your property, then you might always be looking for ways to run things more easily and smoothly. One option is to purchase circle stickers in a plain color. Then, you can write or print the competitor number or rider number for each person who is participating in the event, and they can attach the sticker to their shirt or helmet. This makes it easy for judges and others who are running the show to identify each competitor, and it's an affordable and stress-free option of assigning these numbers.

Advertising Your Farm

Many people love stickers, especially children and teens. If you would like to get the word out about your farm, and if you would like to give a nice little token to some of the people who visit your barn, consider having promotional custom circle stickers printed with your farm name and information on them. Then, you can pass out those stickers to the people who already use the services at your farm or who might be interested in doing so.