Shipping Artwork with Mailing Tubes

One of the best ways to ship original artwork is with mailing tubes. Many art sellers use mailing tubes as their standard way of shipping artwork. Shipping by tube is efficient and easy. However, you must ensure that your artwork is protected so that it arrives at its new location safely. Plus, there are times when you want to ship with a flat container, instead. Here are some things to know about shipping artwork with a mailing tube or a flat box.

Why Use Mailing Tubes for Artwork?

Round mailing tubes are perfect for any unframed artwork. One of the best things about mailing tubes is that the artwork does not crease or bend when shipped by tube. Also, once the artwork arrives at the location, it will roll flat within a short amount of time. Mailing tubes tend to be very durable. They are usually made of thick materials that offer some protection against weather and outside damage.

If you want to use a mailing tube, you should choose the right-sized tube for your artwork. To ensure that your artwork will fit when rolled, make sure that you choose a tube that is at least four inches longer than your artwork's shortest size. Generally, tubes with at least 10 inches in diameter work well, especially for canvas artwork.

Use glassine or other archival material to protect your artwork. Rolled canvas needs to be shipped with the image facing outward so if the artwork cracks, it will often self-repair once it's rolled out.

When Should Flat Boxes Be Used?

Flat box shipping is best for any artwork that can't be rolled up for practical reasons. One of the clearest reasons for shipping a flat piece is the artwork is already framed and matted. Other reasons may have to do with the delicacy of the artwork. If the artwork could severely crack or tear when rolled, then use a flat mailer. Like with rolled artwork, make sure you protect the image with archival materials like glassine. Place canvas artworks face-down on the glassine while prints should have the paper on the unprinted side.

If you ship a lot of unstretched or unframed artwork, then mailing tubes are an efficient way to ship them. Make sure you prepare your artwork carefully or it could end up in poor condition upon arrival. For more information about mailing tubes, or to order a supply, then contact a mailing container company.