How Your Purchases For Moving And Office Supplies Shipped To You Become Moving Supplies

Moving a business requires a lot of moving supplies. If you have been making purchases to help your growing business, there is a good chance that you have been receiving those purchases in boxes. If you have removed the items from those boxes already, great. Save the boxes instead of putting them in your recycling dumpster. If you ordered moving supplies and the moving supplies were shipped to your office, again, your moving supply boxes can become moving supplies. Here are a few other items that can become moving supplies after you receive them as shipping supplies in the mail. 

Packing Peanuts

Save all of those packing peanuts you got in your packages. These are needed for the transport of smaller and more fragile items. By saving them from your business supply and moving supply shipments, you can reuse them to move your business to its new location.

Bubble Wrap

A lot of items are shipped in bubble wrap if and when they are not shipped in packing peanuts. If you knew six months ago (or more) that you would be moving your business to a new location, then you can carefully cut and remove bubble wrap from items shipped to your office and store the bubble wrap for use at a later date. It keeps the bubble wrap out of landfills and protects some of your office equipment and furniture during the move. 


It does not matter the shape or size of the box. If it is a box, it becomes a box for shipping and moving things from your current location to the next. Small boxes can be used to move desk supplies such as paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. Medium boxes can help move cords, electronics, and other devices. Large boxes can help move computers, and especially large boxes can help move small filing cabinets or objects that you do not want dented, scratched, or scraped by accident while moving. If it is a box, it can be saved and reused for moving. 

Stabilization Foam

This unusual product is frequently used in boxes with computers or laptops. It fits over the ends of devices and prevents them from being jostled and damaged in shipping. You can reuse this stabilization foam for the electronics it came with when packing them up, or you can use it to prevent empty space inside a moving box from causing objects to shift around. 

To learn more about moving supplies, contact a moving company.