Why You Need Drip Hydration Therapy

According to a recent article, approximately three-quarters of all Americans are walking around chronically dehydrated. When you consider the human body is three-fifths water, it's easy to see that if you're dehydrated, your body cannot function as it is supposed to.

The reasons for chronic dehydration vary, but essentially, people choose beverages that dehydrate rather than hydrate the body. Some people go all day never drinking simple water. Instead, they choose coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas, and alcohol, all of which have a dehydrating effect. If you're one of those who doesn't like drinking water, you can give your body what it needs another way—with drip hydration therapy. Here is what you need to know about this healing and rejuvenating treatment technique.

What Is Drip Hydration Therapy?

Drip hydration therapy is simply receiving fluids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes intravenously. Doctors hook you up to an IV when you are in the hospital because they know when you are sick, you are dehydrated. An IV also provides a better transmission route for most medications as they directly enter the bloodstream rather than having to wait for absorption through the digestive system. Drip hydration therapy provides the exact same benefits except you don't have to wait until you have a medical issue to reap the paybacks.

Who Can Benefit From Drip Hydration Therapy?

The short answer is virtually everyone! Chronic dehydration causes many problems, including:

  • Chronic fatigue. Constant dehydration robs your body of energy.
  • Poor cognitive functioning. Your brain is comprised of 73 percent water. Without enough water, it can be harder to focus and concentrate. Memory can be dramatically affected. Your attention span may be lessened.
  • Toxin buildup. Your liver and kidneys, as well as your blood and sweat glands, provide your body's primary filtering system. If you're dehydrated, they can't do their job as efficiently. Additionally, when your sweat glands have to work overtime to aid your organs in removing these toxins, you lose even more water. If you have ever had awful smelling perspiration after a night of heavy drinking, it's because you are dehydrated, and your body is desperately trying to rid you of toxic poisons.
  • Your joints hurt. Your joints need water in order to stay lubricated.
  • Your skin looks sallow and wrinkled rather than plump with a healthy glow.

In addition to drip hydration therapy aiding in dehydration, it is extremely useful for people who have digestion issues. For example, people with celiac disease aren't able to assimilate nutrients as they should. This can lead to chronic vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies. Drip hydration therapy can quickly make a person feel brand new again, invigorated and alive, all without potentially harmful drugs.