Renting Construction Equipment: Ways To Keep Your Costs Down

When renting construction equipment for your business, you want to keep your costs as low as possible. Often, construction equipment costs are absorbed in the bids you give your customers, so you want to make sure you keep those estimates low to increase customer attraction. While you cannot control all your rental costs, there are ways you can make the process cheaper so you (and your customers) are not spending more money than you have to.

Rent at the end of the week

If you need construction equipment for a few days, then rent what you need towards the end of the work week. Most construction rental companies are closed Saturdays and/or Sundays, which means if you do a 48-hour rental on a piece of equipment mid-day Thursday, you won't have to return it until the following Monday and won't face additional charges for your rental. Do this when you can work through a standard weekend so you can get the most out of your rental by completing many projects at once on one rental fee.

Rent by the day

Unless you are really only going to use rented construction equipment for a few minutes, such as a loader to scoop up spare dirt, you will want to rent by the day rather the hour. Most hourly rentals are quite pricey compared to just taking on the machinery for the whole day. Some places offer half-day rentals as well, which can allow you to get the work you need done without feeling rushed to return the equipment because of costs.

Take care of your rentals

When you are done using a piece of equipment, always wipe it down and replace its fluids and gas or diesel prior to returning it to the rental company. Most places charge a fee to get the machine back to restocking condition for the next customer, which can be costly and jack up your rental rates. You can avoid these fees by simply washing and wiping down the equipment and making sure it has as much fuel in it as when you started using it.

Other ways you can keep your rental costs down is by paying for your rentals upfront so you can get a discount on your final fees. If you frequent the same place over and over, they may give you a loyalty discount as well on larger rental purchases to help you stay within your construction budget.

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