Need Extra Money? 3 Ways to Earn Side Cash

Do you want to earn extra money? Although you may have a job, you might feel like you constantly live from one paycheck to the next, especially if you have a lot of different expenses. Whether you want more money to get out of debt or to simply have some extra spending cash, there are many things you can do on the side to earn what you need quite quickly without putting in an excessive amount of work.

1. Gather Scrap Metal and Sell It

Did you know you can get paid to recycle scrap metal? There are so many items that are made with different types of metal. Once they are no longer working or are no longer being used for one reason or another, the old items can be taken to the scrap metal buyers who will purchase them and eventually melt them down so that the metal can be used to create other items. These are just a few of the many things you can collect and take to the scrap metal buyers for cash:

  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Metal bed frames
  • Old pipes
  • Air conditioners
  • Construction materials

These are just a few ideas. However, just about anything that is made of metal can get taken to the scrap metal buyers if it is not being used. For example, if you have a collection of metal chairs you no longer want to use, you can sell them as scrap. The amount of money you will receive will depend on multiple factors, including the type of metal you bring in as well as the weight of the items you have.

Although the price may fluctuate based on demand, you can still leave the scrap shop with a decent amount of cash in your hands. To get a better idea of how much each type of metal could earn you, contact services like Big Daddy Scrap.

2. Write Your Own Short Book & Publish it Online

It may sound complicated, but it easier than most people realize. Do you have a special skill? You may know a lot about certain things, such as crocheting, health and fitness or even cheerleading. You can use your knowledge to create a short non-fiction eBook.

You do not have to write a book that is hundreds of pages long to have success. In fact, you can write a book with 30 pages or less that contains plenty of instructional information and support that other people may find helpful. You can teach others how to do certain things or give them great advice.

It is possible to create an eBook and self-publish without spending a dime. If people start purchasing your book online, you will begin earning an income from it. It's wise to still pay someone to professionally edit your book and/or provide a professional-looking book cover. People are more likely to purchase books that are proofread and designed well.

The great thing about writing short books and publishing them online is that you have an opportunity to earn passive income. You may continue to receive earnings from the book(s) each month.

3. Use Your Car to Make Good Money

If you have your license and a reliable vehicle, you can start making good money in no time. There are different companies that may want to hire you as an independent contractor to provide ride share services or even deliver food to people who have ordered from different restaurants in and around your area.

As an independent contractor, you may have the opportunity to work as many hours as you want and to work at the times that are most convenient for you. Some consider these kinds of opportunities full-time jobs, but it may just be something you want to pursue on the side if you already have a traditional job.

There are a lot of people who like to make spare cash on the side. Whether you are trying to pay off more debt or would simply like to have extra money to spend on different things rather than worrying about your funds, these are some of the different things you can do to begin making extra money.