Do You Need An Estate Manager? Here's How You Can Tell

Hiring domestic staff to take care of your property can help a lot with maintaining an estate. If you hire multiple people who all do their tasks at different times, you can create a lot of confusion at the property. In addition, you can stress yourself a great deal trying to manage a household on your own.

Where Does the Confusion Come From?

An estate of a sufficient size will come with many tasks. You may have someone come in to prepare meals one day, another person to do general housekeeping on another. Every other week, someone may come by to take care of the grounds.

With all the coming and going, some things can go overlooked, and staff can step on each other's toes if scheduling conflicts show up. It can all become another problem you have to spend precious time on.

Enter the Estate Manager

An estate manager can take the reins of your entire household. They will work with you to manage the property. It gives you a single person that can handle every aspect of the estate's upkeep. You will not have to deal with multiple personalities, extraneous paperwork, and negotiations with disparate staffing agencies or individuals.

Your estate manager can

  • hire new staff;
  • let go of staff that's not working out;
  • train new staff;
  • and handle all accompanying administration.

The administration part is especially helpful. The estate manager can handle payroll, accounting, and everything else that comes with hiring personnel. An estate manager can also handle more than one property.

How to Tell if You Need an Estate Manager

Estate managers aren't a necessity for all properties. There's a few things that can help you decide if you need one or not.

  • Are you spending too much time managing domestic staff?
  • Are you no good at managing other people or just don't want to?
  • Do you spend a considerable amount of time away from the estate?

Managing staff can eat a lot of time and drag you away from important matters elsewhere. Having someone to come in and manage the day-to-day maintenance duties can make a lot of sense.

Hiring an Estate Manager

An estate manager can keep your house or other properties running smoothly and efficiently in your absence. However, finding an excellent manager isn't always easy. A good way to narrow the choice is by hiring through a dedicated domestic staffing service.

The service will have vetted their candidates so you will know you're getting someone who knows the business of managing a household. The service can also provide you and your manager with a pool of talent to carry out the specific household duties you require.