Shopping for an Office Chair When You Have a Long Torso

Working in an office environment means that you spend a significant amount of time each day behind your desk. Statistics show that the average person spends 7.7 hours sitting each day, with some people logging up to 15 hours in a chair.

The quality of your office chair can affect your comfort level during prolonged periods behind a desk. If you have a long torso, finding a chair that fits your unique proportions can be challenging. Here are three features to look for as you shop for a new office chair to ensure that your long torso won't be cause for discomfort in the future.

1. Adjustable Lumbar Support

Having enough support through your lower back is critical when it comes to the comfort and function of an office chair. If you have a long torso, you need to look for a chair that provides an adjustable lumbar support. This feature will allow you to raise the support pad high enough to cradle your lower back.

The stationary lumbar pads on many office chairs can sit far too low for an individual with a long torso, so avoid this discomfort by investing in an office chair with adjustable lumbar support options.

2. Adjustable Arm Rests

Before you invest in a new office chair, take the time to visit an office furniture store and sit in a few models. Pay close attention to how adjustable the arm rests on each chair are. When you have a longer torso, you need your arm rests to be raised up to a comfortable level.

If the arm rests on your office chair are too low, you could find yourself sitting in a hunched position. This will cause pain and posture problems, so it's better to avoid these potential complications by purchasing an office chair whose arm rests raise up high enough to accommodate the needs of your long torso.

3. Synchronized Knee Tilt

The knee tilt feature on high-end office chairs has a pivot point located near the front edge of the seat. The primary job of the knee tilt is to control the position of the chair's back relative to the seat when the chair is placed in a reclining position.

When you have a long torso, it can be difficult to recline a traditional office chair properly. By purchasing a chair with a synchronized knee tilt, you gain the ability to control the tension within the seat's back. Reducing the tension makes it easier to recline in a comfortable position while keeping your feet on the floor and your chair's seat parallel with the ground.

Looking for an office chair with an adjustable lumbar support and arm rests, as well as a synchronized knee tilt feature, will allow you to purchase a chair that will provide comfortable seating, even though you have a longer torso. Check out D&R Office Works, Inc. for more tips and to find an office chair that will be comfortable for you.